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Our Team

At Cyzant Software, we are immensely proud of our team, the driving force behind our continued success. Our team is a collective of talented professionals who are not just employees, but passionate individuals dedicated to shaping the future. With unwavering focus and a global presence, they bring our vision to life. We believe in the power of our team, their dedication, and their unremitting commitment to operational excellence. It's their inspiration that propels us forward and empowers us to bring your software development dreams to life.

Vernon Davis

Founder & CEO

Vernon Davis is the President of Cyzant Software Inc. and part of the Executive Management Team. Based out of Cyzant’s US Headquarters in New York. He works closely with our international clients to co-create IT assets on a strategic level. He is a seasoned executive in the product engineering space and is closely associated with software product development for many clients. Vernon works closely with the Cyzant leadership in defining the strategic road-map for the company.

Shweta Prasad

Co-founder & MD

Shweta heads the Technology practice at Cyzant. Her larger emphasis remains on the overall strategy for the operational practice. Her responsibilities include people and talent development, customer satisfaction, client relationship management, domain expansion, competency building, and strategic delivery for delivering value at Cyzant. She efficiently implements value-added solutions and consistently works on enhancing the skill sets required to deliver client satisfaction.

Manoj Kumar

Co-founder & Director

Manoj is Co-founder & Director, Thought Leader, Solution Strategist and a Problem Solver at Cyzant Software Pvt. Ltd. He believes that the right balance must be struck between being ‘customer-centric’ and ‘employee-centric’ in order to benefit from and provide benefits to both entities. He is a strong believer in the empowerment of the society through technology and has been instrumental in establishing and promoting Corporate Social Responsibility at Cyzant Software.

Pankaj Aher

Tech Lead

Pankaj is a dynamic and innovative tech leader with us. With a wealth of experience and a passion for driving technical excellence, Pankaj excels in Full-Stack development. Pankaj's exceptional technical and leadership skills are instrumental in driving our technical projects to success. His dedication to innovation and quality serves as an inspiration to our entire team, and we're proud to have him as our Tech Lead.

Aakash Jain

Digital Marketing Executive

Aakash is a passionate Digital Marketing enthusiast with a keen eye for the ever-evolving world of online marketing. With a drive to stay at the forefront of digital trends, Aakash brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. His dedication to digital marketing is an invaluable asset to our team. With his expertise, we're able to navigate the digital realm with confidence, reach new heights, and achieve our marketing goals.

Manish Goyal

Lead Consultant

Manish is a dedicated and results-driven Software Consultant who plays a pivotal role in our team. Manish's expertise spans a wide array of specialties, making him an invaluable asset. Manish's exceptional ability to bridge the gap between business objectives and technical solutions makes him an integral part of our consulting team. His passion for innovation consistently deliver outstanding results to our clients.